Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two Indian Points

A couple of artifacts found here on the farm. The white quartz point I found a few days after we moved in here. It was in a small pasture by the creek that runs through our barn yard. It was just laying on the grass, kind of like the Manitou stone shown below; as if it had been placed there that very morning. I'd walked by that spot a number of times and hadn't seen it before.
The black our son found in a little hole the dog dug. Right outside the kitchen door! We've found other items that look like they might be artifacts but can't be sure.


  1. Very nice! I have some quartz points like this but nothing so nicely flaked as that black one.

  2. Yes, I was so excited when my son found that black one. I'd been meaning to fill in that little hole before someone twisted their ankle. Any idea on how old these would be? I think the quartz is from the Woodland period but all I know is from looking at similar artifacts on the internet. Don't know what the black one is made from. It's similar to flint. I've never seen any around here so I think it's originally from another area.