Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, this, for me, is the icing on the cake! I'd just said to my husband: "I wish I could find a turtle" Then the very next day while standing at the mail box I just happened to look up at the big boulder in the bank by the oak tree and there it was! The light was just right. I'd never noticed the rock under the boulder before. Amazing, I've been walking back and forth to the mail box every day for almost 4 years and haven't noticed this. A whole world invisible, in plain sight!

The turtle's nose is perfectly aligned toward the confluence of the two creeks.

A close up of the turtle. The bank is eroding somewhat. The small round rock to the left of the turtle's head has rolled there. It's a little distracting.

The picture below was taken from the top of the turtle "shell" looking toward the two creeks.

And here's a little video. it's a bit difficult to make out the rock due to the quality - or lack of it- but shows the rock in relation to the creek. About half way through, as I pan across to the creeks, you can just make out the dark hollow in the mountains where the other rock piles are.